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    Located in PHBS 606, the English Skills Center helps students with
  • Writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Avoiding plagiarism

English Skills Center

The English Skills Center’s mission is to help PHBS students learn so that they will complete successful academic assignments – the capstone being the master’s thesis – and be prepared for successful professional work upon graduation.
Even if you do not expect to work in a setting where English is the working language, we advise you to master English to the best of your ability for the ever-expanding global marketplace. If you are lucky, you will have a long life, and you do not know where circumstances and opportunities will lead you in the future.
The point is that good writing, good presentations, and good understanding are based in good thinking-indispensable in any culture-and good communication skills.
Our services are free! Appointments are for 45 minutes.
Our tutors are PHBS students who excel in writing and public speaking/presentation skills.
Click the “Make an Appointment” link to view available hours for the current module.
English Skills Center Director, Priscilla L. Young, senior lecturer, PHBS.